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    Now, what about you?

    Whether you're a senior, a mama, newly engaged or just brushing the dust off your last family photo I'm glad you're here. More importantly, I hope to hear all about your latest life event and be the photographer you choose to capture it.

    Think of this site as my proverbial welcome mat. But, let's be real here - I would have tripped over it already when I opened the door to greet you. I think the Internet makes for a much more graceful first impression.

Om: Austin Lifestyle Photographer

Like most women under the age of 40, I’ve found myself in downward-facing dog a few times. And, yes, I did have to look that up to make sure I had the terminology right. I was a pretty big fan of bikram yoga when I lived in Pittsburgh. That is until I fell down the steps after class one day and thought I broke my tailbone. Isn’t this stuff supposed to bring balance to your life?

Despite my juxtaposition of fluid vinyasa flow to flailing limbs in the time span of one session, Alyson may have just convinced me that I need to roll my mat back out and give yoga a second chance.

I was incredibly honored to watch Alyson showcase everything she’s learned over the last few months in her journey to becoming a yoga instructor. I think I must have said a dozen times, “You are impressing the heck out of me. You look so great!”

It was the best of both worlds – a morning warm-up at BFree Yoga Austin and a sunset session around some very “Austin” spots. Alyson and I are both transplants to the city and reminisced about how much our lives had changed since we first made Texas our home.

She also gave me some great brunch recommendations in Hyde Park. It’s true I love photography but food will always hold a contending spot in my heart.

Be sure to check out Alyson’s Web site – this woman is a health power house. She’s done fitness competitions, works as a health coach and has one impressive social media resume to boot. It’s enough to leave a girl out of breath. And here I thought climbing on chairs and laying ditches was physically exhausting.

Congratulations on your many accomplishments, Alyson! Namaste.

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Cailyn - August 8, 2012 - 2:27 am

Absolutely beautiful! I love the first one in the slideshow at the end. Keep it up, girl!

[...] shoot with the fantastically talented Caitlin of twentyfive.twentysix.studios. She wrote a lovely post about the shoot on her site, and was so sweet to say what she did, but here's the truth.. I was so nervous [...]

Shelby - August 29, 2012 - 3:04 am

You are such a light~ Strong, Inspiring, Beauty~ Natural teacher~

Baby Okie: Austin Maternity Photographer

Time is often something I marvel. It’s the one guarantee in this life. It’s constant. And yet, it can seem to pass at different speeds. A year ago, I met Lisa. She made the trip to Austin and I had the pleasure of letting my camera capture her soft, sweet nature. I’d never have guessed a mere 12 months later I’d be shooting her again, this time as she prepared for one of the biggest changes in her life – to be a mama.

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is how welcomed I feel by my clients; how we share this instant connection. Many of them are friends, so it’s only fitting, but I can look back at other shoots where the client turned to a friend after sharing a meal or sitting around their kitchen drinking coffee and talking about how insane the Insanity workout series is (and no, I have not and will not try it out to test this theory.)

Lisa and Chad were amazing hosts for my weekend in Oklahoma City. It was my first visit to their home state and I have to say – I found it quite charming!

One thing I love about this couple is how dedicated they are to each other. They have an amazing story of how they met and the highly unlikely chance to even have a baby (I’m talking medical miracle here, folks). It was a joy to see them together – laughing, loving, and yes – even working out.

Lisa, seriously? You are an inspiration to my future baby mama self.

Some of my favorite shots from my sessions are the in between moments. You know, when the client thinks I’m reviewing shots or testing light or when they forget for just a second I’m a mere two feet from them with a giant lens clicking away. (I’m not intimidating, I promise.) This time, I wanted to throw in a little twist so I asked Lisa what she craved most during her pregnancy. Sonic tater tots and cherry limeaids did the trick to start our session out on a fun note.

Lisa and Chad thank you for sharing this exciting time in your lives with me. I can’t wait to get the text telling me your lives are forever changed.


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Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run - June 29, 2012 - 8:03 pm

She is absolutely a stunning momma. You got some beautiful shots of her and Chad and baby…I hope you get the honor of photographing baby once s/he arrives!

Denise - June 30, 2012 - 12:00 am

Lisa speaks to the camera, always has. You got some great shots of her, baby and Chad. Thank you so much. You are welcome to post Lindsey’s family as well if you want.

Down On The Farm: Austin Family Photographer


As is often the case, it had been years since Casey’s family had photos taken. Preschoolers had been in diapers and the ones in diapers had yet to be born. It was time to rally up the troops. Eleven souls, each of them sweet as southern peach pie.



When I left Pennsylvania, I thought I’d left behind the down-home family farm way of life. Boy, was I wrong. Cattle, a tractor and more hospitality than you’d find seated around your grandma’s kitchen table on a Saturday morning.



And the boots! Oh, the boots. It’s their thing: what they all wear when they come to the farm. What lasting memories these kids are making.



And – as I was informed in email exchanges before the shoot – right around 7 p.m. the sun began to make its decrescendo toward the horizon. Just like the last few chords of a familiar song, it left its mark on me long after the last click of my shutter.



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